Ditch supermarket loyalty, and pick up these great freebies

A range of freebies and new technology could save £700 off your grocery bill

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Most people tend to shop at the same supermarket for years. Some are attached to the brand, but most just pick the one on the way home from work, and then stick with it because it's easy. It takes a lot to make people reconsider the supermarket they have always shopped in - but is £705 enough to make you consider a spot of supermarket disloyalty?

The supermarkets compete hard in order to try to take business from one another, and particularly when it comes to online grocery shopping, they are willing to offer all sorts of inducements to get you to try their services. If you were to take advantage of all of them, you could get £185 off your next 13 shops.

If you have never used Tesco's online grocery deliveries, you can get £15 off your first order of £60 or more when you use this code at the checkout. You can either select the option to collect your shopping from the store - and bank the full £15 saving - or choose home delivery slots starting at £1

Ocado offers £20 off your first order of £80 or more with this code. The delivery charges vary, but if you're ordering this much and you can be flexible about delivery, you can get it delivered to your door for nothing.

The new online deal at Morrisons offers £20 off your first order as long as you spend £100 or more - with the voucher code VOU6180780. Delivery starts at £1, so you can bank a £19 saving.

The Sainsbury's deal is more generous - and is designed to get you into the habit of shopping at the store. With this code, you can get £15 off your first delivery of £60 or more of shopping (£25 off if you spend £100 or more), then (as long as you are willing to tick the box to hear more about their services) you'll get £10 off your next four shops plus free delivery - so by switching to Sainsbury's you can save up to £65.

The Waitrose deal is structured similarly to the one at Sainsbury's. You get £15 off your first shop, £20 off your second, £10 off your third, £10 off your fourth, and £10 off your fifth - all with free delivery. The downside is that on each occasion you have to spend £100 in order to qualify for the deal, but if you have a number of big shops coming up you could save £65 altogether. If you want to take advantage, you'll need to order your first delivery by 16 March

More rewards for disloyalty

Even when you've worked your way through the freebies for new customers, you can keep saving. Once you are comfortable with trying other stores, each time you want to do a shop, you can enter your shopping list into Mysupermarket.co.uk, and compare the cost at 11 of the major supermarkets (including Aldi). If you can get your shopping cheaper elsewhere, you can just click to switch stores.

It even enables you to split the checkout, so you can check whether it's cheaper to buy everything from one store, or split it between two shops and buy each item when it is cheapest.

These simple tweaks could save you up to 10% on your weekly shop - which if you spend £100 a week on your shopping, will add up to a saving of £520 a year. Assuming you took all these steps, your disloyalty savings would add up to a total of £705.

So what do you think? Are you ready to abandon the convenience of your usual supermarket in exchange for £705 of savings?

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