Entire Hungarian village available to rent for £500 a day

Renting Megyer will also get you deputy mayorship during your stay

Hungary Village for Rent

A Hungarian village has been put up for rent by its mayor in a bid to raise cash.

Megyer, in the west of Hungary, can be hired for just 210,000 forints or £500 a day, and you'll even be granted temporary deputy mayorship for the duration of your stay, the Daily Mail reports.

Kristof Pajer, Megyer's mayor, told AFP: "A law I brought in means an outsider can also become deputy mayor for a weekend, and even change the street names if you want."

Hiring the village will get you seven 'peasant-style' houses, four roads and a bus stop, the Guardian reports. The village is largely deserted, with a population of just 18 and only five of the twenty houses are lived in all year round.

Hungary Village for Rent
Houses are reflected in a puddle on the main road

During your stay you'll also be able to make use of the cooperative's four hectares of arable land as well as the village's horses, cows, sheep and poultry house.

Pajer, a 42-year-old engineer, first fell in love with the village ten years ago, he became mayor a year later and although he lives mainly in Budapest, he visits the village once a week.

The mayor said: "Megyer was always poor, but it has kept its charming rustic atmosphere."

Hungary Village for Rent
Changing rooms for the soccer pitch in the village of Megyer

The motivation behind the new deal is to revitalise Megyer. Pajer says he would like companies to use the village for team building retreats, including village improvements in their activities, reports Yahoo.

"We offer all sorts of programs to our guests, but most are simply captivated by the surroundings and the quiet," said the mayor. "Once they sit out in the meadow with a bottle of rose wine, nothing else matters."

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