Asthma and allergies can void travel insurance

Comparison site warns minor ailments may end up costing you £45,000

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Failing to declare even minor medical conditions could void your travel insurance and leave you with a hefty bill of up to £45,000.

This is the warning from comparison site, which reports that more than six million people in the UK suffer from respiratory problems that could have the potential to invalidate their insurance policies if not declared.

The Financial Ombudsmen Service has said it receives as many as 45 complaints a week from holidaymakers who are unhappy with their claims being rejected by their travel insurance providers.

Some of the most common issues faced by British holidaymakers with their travel insurance have been listed below:

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As many as 40% of Brits think that conditions such as asthma and allergies do not have to be declared on a travel insurance form, however most insurers actually insist you declare such conditions even if you are no longer receiving treatment for the condition. Also, if you carry an EPI pen or suffer from anaphylaxis as a result of an allergy this should be declared.

EHIC cards
Another common mistake made by British travellers is to think that because they have an EHIC card, they do not need to buy travel insurance.

Actually the card will only cover you for the necessary medical treatment provided by the state healthcare providers- which may not always be free. Your EHIC card will not cover you for eventualities such as repatriation should you need to be flown home. You should always invest in travel insurance as well as taking your EHIC card.

Pregnancy also found the 80% of people did not realise that women should declare any previous complications they may have had during pregnancies. Although pregnancy is not classed as a pre-existing medical condition and does not need to be declared on a travel insurance policy, if you have suffered complications while pregnant in the past these will be counted as pre-existing medical conditions if you are travelling while pregnant again.

Up to 15% of people have ended up missing out on the holiday they wanted because the travel insurance quoted was too expensive. It's worthwhile shopping around and checking the prices different providers are offering before making your decision.

Beth Macer, travel insurance expert at says: "If you are prescribed medication for treating or controlling a current or previous medical condition then you need to declare the condition for which the medication is prescribed, to your insurer."

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Top 10 medical conditions travellers often fail to declare:

1) Asthma

2) High Blood Pressure

3) High Cholesterol

4) Skin Cancer

5) Heart Attack

6) Prostate Cancer

7) Blood Clots

8) Depression

9) IBS

10) Breast Cancer

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