Domino's driver drops off doughnuts covered in mould

Shock as pizza delivery driver brings doughnuts covered in thick, black mould

Mouldy doughnuts

Chloe Smith, a 20-year-old student from Dulwich - who is studying at St Mary's University in Twickenham - had spent the night revising with a friend.

As a reward for their late night efforts, they treated themselves to a Domino's pizza and doughnuts. However, when the delivery driver had left and Smith opened up their treats, she was greeted with a disgusting sight: the doughnuts were covered in black mould. They also emitted a powerful and revolting smell.

She said the pair initially hoped the patches were chocolate flavouring, but on closer examination they were covered in mould and fur - and the smell was so bad that they both felt sick.

The Metro reported that the manager at the Teddington branch had apologised and offered a refund. However, Chloe told the paper that the response wasn't good enough, so she reported it to the council.

A Domino's spokesperson told the Daily Mail it was taking the report "extremely seriously", adding: "Food quality is of utmost priority for Domino's and we have strict processes and procedures in place for handling all ingredients and products. We have asked that the customer contact us immediately in order for us to conduct a full and thorough investigation into this issue."

Pizza disasters

Smith's experience was clearly a horrible way to end a tough night of revising, but she may be able to comfort herself with the fact that she's not the first with a pizza takeaway story with a twist in the tale. Here are five of the most surprising.

1. Smith isn't not the first to have discovered a mould problem. In July last year, a branch in Tolworth in Surrey delivered a pizza to a customer and his five-year-old son. The pair had eaten a slice, and were concerned it tasted a bit funny, so they turned it over and discovered the whole of the bottom of the pizza was covered in mould.

2. Smith may not have made the grimmest discovery either. As we reported in 2013, one customer of Munchies Takeaway found a cockroach baked into the crust of a takeaway pizza. The owner was taken to court and fined £2,000: he has since sold the business.

3. A pizza shock doesn't have to be grim to catch you off guard. In August last year a Blackpool woman ordered pizza and garlic bread to celebrate a win at the Bingo. When it arrived it had already been half-eaten. The store explained it was actually leftovers belonging to a member of staff who had left it on the warm plate for later.

4. A month earlier a customer in Aldi in Linlithgow saw a Domino's Pizza staff member buying pizza wedges in the freezer section, so took a photo and sent it to a local paper. The staff initially claimed they were buying them to take home, but the company later admitted that the branch had run out, so the staff decided to use their own initiative and buy more from Aldi to serve in the takeaway. The staff must have thought they were getting a good deal for the firm, buying the wedges at 59p and then selling them on for £3.59 per portion.

5. But one of the biggest surprises must have been for the man who ordered a pizza in Portland, Oregan, and had it delivered by two police officers. The delivery driver had been in an accident, so two of the officers at the scene decided to take it round personally.

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