Research reveals UK's most-loved and hated brands

Where do you stand on Marmite?

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Do you love Amazon and Cadbury - but hate UKIP and the Conservatives? If so, you're not alone.

London advertising agency Isobel has compiled a list of the nation's most- and least-loved brands. And, it seems, we love shopping and eating, but loathe political parties.

Top of the nation's most-loved brands are Amazon, Cadbury and Walkers. Most hated are UKIP, with almost a third of votes, closely followed by the Conservative party. Next comes Marmite, which has always had its haters as well as its fans - and which now seems to be more disliked, even, than Ryanair.

But none of the political parties do particularly well, with Labour coming in at number five and the Liberal Democrats at number six.

"It will come as no shock to anyone (least of all the politicians themselves) that the political parties are all in the same unloved boat, but will it concern them?" asks Isobel's managing partner Paul Houlding

"When it comes to polling day are we voting for the party we love or are we voting for the party of most use?"

When it comes to the country's favourite brands, Houlding points out that most have been around for a long time.

"It would seem that longevity works wonders for most. All bar two of the top 10 predate the 1960s, with top honours going to Cadbury (1824)," he says.

When it comes to the exceptions, Amazon and Google, he says, we're appreciating brands that make our lives easier and do what they promise.

"The question is, can they keep it up?" he asks. "170 years from now will they have been as resilient as Cadbury?"

By contrast, Facebook turns out to be both one of the most-loved and one of the most-hated brands.

"There is the suggestion that we're suffering from Facebook fatigue. Is it as exciting? Do I still need it or want it?" asks Houlding.

" And with cyberbullying and privacy issues an ongoing concern - perhaps it's a social media platform we're beginning to fall out of love with?"

Top twenty most-loved brands
1 Amazon
2 Cadbury
3 Walkers
4 Heinz
5 BBC1
6 Google
7 Kellogg's
8 Boots
9 Tesco
10 ITV
11 eBay
12 Asda
13 M&S
14 PG Tips
15 Facebook
16 Colgate
17 Coca Cola
18 Aldi
19 BBC2
20 Fairy

Top ten most-hated brands
2 Conservatives
3 Marmite
4 Ryanair
5 Labour
6 LibDems
7 McDonalds
8 Starbucks
9 Facebook
10 KFC

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