Snap up a dream holiday home for under £100,000

The strong pound makes now a great time to buy abroad

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The weak euro is a boom for anyone looking to buy a holiday home in Europe.

You now get a lot more European property for your money than you did a few weeks ago if you are a Brit buying abroad, with the euro lower than it has been against the pound for years.

Change your money now, and every £1 will get you about ‚ €1.32, up from ‚ €1.2 last Spring and just ‚ €1 in early 2009.

And that makes a big difference to how much house you can get for your pounds, wherever in Europe you want to buy. On £100,000, for example, you will now get £32,000 more than you would have six years ago - and £12,000 more than you would have this time last year. What's more, the housing markets in countries such as France and Portugal have suffered in recent years due to the eurozone's economic difficulties, meaning there are plenty of bargains around.

Here is our pick of five dream holiday homes you could buy for £100,000 (€132,000) or less.

Five holiday homes for £100,000 or less

Five holiday homes for £100,000 or less

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