Savvy Brits ditch the big weekly shop

Research shows consumers now grocery shopping at least twice a week

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Research has shown that the days of the big weekly shop may soon be a distant memory, with just 18% of people now doing a weekly groceries shop.

The research, conducted on behalf of Thinkmoney, showed that as many as 82% of us now hit the shops at least twice a week, if not more. Those least likely to shop just once a week were in the 35-44 age bracket, with just 13% saying they did so.

Tesco came out on top of the research, with 69% of consumers claiming to have visited in the previous month, while just 15% of people questioned said they had visited Waitrose in the same period of time.

Saving money seems to be the driving force behind these new shopping tactics, with 94% of people saying they've changed the way they shop to try and cut costs. Similarly, more than half of the UK adult population now visit more than one supermarket in attempts to save money.

Other money saving tactics include: shopping around closing time to get discounted fresh food, buying items on special offer, using vouchers and sticking to a set shopping list while in store.

Just under half of consumers are now combining online grocery shopping with in-store purchases, with 6% of those managing to complete their whole weekly shop online.

Thinkmoney's Ian Williams commented on the results, saying: "These days, shoppers are prepared to work a lot harder to save money on their grocery shop. Canny food shoppers are combining trips to different stores to drive down costs, and making maximum use of vouchers, offers and items that are reduced in price near the end of their shelf life."

Cut the cost of groceries

Cut the cost of groceries

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