Cab driver's £650 tip for one-minute journey

As a cab driver receives the tip of his life, we look at some incredible recent tips

Taxi receipt with tip

Taxi driver Oumar Maiga had driven a man from Old City in Philadelphia to Columbus Boulevard. It was a one-minute journey, in the early hours of the morning, and cost the man $4.31 (£2.83). He chose to leave a tip, but when Maiga went to check the total, he had quite a shock.

The Metro reported that the driver was convinced that his customer had made a mistake, but the man assured him that he knew what he was doing when he gave him an extra $989.98. The cab company waited a month for the credit card company to confirm that the total had not been disputed, and this week the driver received his money.

The cab company, Freedom Taxis, published the fare and the tip on the company blog.

Unusual tips

It's not known whether this was deliberate generosity or not, but in recent months there have been a surprising number of perfectly deliberate incredible tips.

Last December, Megan Asadi, a waitress in Virginia, received a $1,200 tip on a $128 bill. She was one of a few lucky recipients of a 'tip bomb', which were handed out by an anonymous group in the area to spread Christmas cheer.

In July last year, Bob Erb, a controversial lottery winner from British Columbia, went into a burger bar and got chatting with the restaurant owner. When Erb heard that the owner's 25-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with cancer, he left a $10,000 tip.

In May, a Tumblr user posted a photo of the $1,000 tip her mother had received. Apparently she was a waitress and had told a customer she'd always wanted to go to Italy. Next to the total he'd written 'Your ticket to Italy. Enjoy!!'

And in Iowa last December, a couple decided to tip for bad service. They noticed that everyone in the restaurant was getting grumpy with the waiter over how long they had waited for their food. However, he was doing his best to run around the tables - he just had too much work to do. The couple had both worked in the restaurant industry and felt sorry for him, so left him a $100 tip - with a note saying they'd been in his shoes. The tip went viral, and received more than 1.6 million 'likes'.

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