Neighbour nightmares can make life a misery

The shocking impact that neighbour disputes can have on your life

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We all occasionally go through a rough patch with the neighbours. No matter how cordial the relationship, there will come a time when their teenage son starts a band, they decide to hold regular bonfire parties in the garden, or they start to leave their bin in the path of your car every week.

But while most people get by with a polite word or a month or two of silent eye-rolling, there are times when things boil over.

When neighbour disputes get ugly, things can get out of hand very quickly. Over the last couple of years we have come across one dispute that rumbled on for 17 years, one which threatened to destroy thousands of pounds of value, one that ended in a conviction for harassment - and a bizarre case which left a car marooned on the front lawn.

Take a look at some of the strangest neighbour rows to have made the headlines in recent memory.

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