Extra Energy: little-known provider that's beating the Big Six

Little-known firm is consistently topping the best buy tables

Extra Energy: little-known provider that's beating the Big Six

Extra Energy has launched two new table topping energy deals. It's not the first time it's made a play for the top spot on the best buy tables – last year saw it repeatedly take on the 'Big Six' energy companies (British Gas, npower, E.ON, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern, and EDF). But Extra Energy is not exactly a household name.

So just who is Extra Energy?

The website blurb

Extra Energy describes itself as a new energy supplier with "a fresh attitude towards energy".

Its stated mission is "to generate outstanding cost savings which we gladly pass onto our customers".

It says it does this by running a "highly efficient and lean organisation" and keeping operational costs low. It doesn't advertise, for example.

Extra Energy also boasts UK based customer contact centres and says its bills and documents are easy to understand.

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The Extra Group

Extra Energy is part of the Extra Group, a privately owned company based in Germany. It has various business interests including telecoms, mobiles, travel and insurance.

Its energy division operates under six different brand names – the best known is Extra Energie which has been supplying about two million German homes and businesses with energy since 2009. It also has energy brands in Austria and the Netherlands.

Extra Energie is the largest private energy company operating in the German market and also provides a white label service to third party retailers such as supermarkets, in the same way that British Gas offers a white label service to Sainsbury's Energy here in the UK.

The Extra Energy brand launched in the UK in April 2014. Since then it's acquired more than 220,000 customers.

Why are people switching to Extra Energy?

Well, it's cheap for starters. Extra Energy repeatedly topped the best buy tables during 2014 – and it's kicked off 2015 with the launch of some new cheap tariffs.

However, Extra Energy has also come along at a time of increasing dissatisfaction with the Big Six energy suppliers. Not only are the big players more expensive than smaller competitors, but their customer service and billing often leaves a lot to be desired too.

Extra Energy tariffs

Extra Energy ended 2014 by launching what it claimed were the cheapest energy tariffs on offer during 2014.

To get the cheap deals, customers must be willing to manage their account online, including supplying meter readings.

Here's how its new tariffs shape up:
Energy supplierTariffType of tariffAverage annual cost
Extra EnergyFresh Fixed Price Jan 2016Fixed (until January 2016)£936.79
Extra EnergyClear Price Fixed March 2016Fixed (until March 2016)£937.36
Co-operative EnergyFair & Square March 2016Fixed (until March 2016)£938
First UtilityiSave Fixed March 2016 v41Fixed (until March 2016)£951
Extra EnergyBright Fixed Price March 2016 v1Fixed (until March 2016)£961
npowerFixed Energy Online April 2016Fixed (until April 2016)£963
ScottishPowerOnline Fixed Price Energy January 2016Fixed (until January 2016)£970
Ovo EnergyBetter Energy FixedFixed for 12 months£973
Green Star EnergyRate Saver 12 Month Fixed 1512Fixed for 12 months£987
Sainsbury's EnergyFixed Price January 2016Fixed (until January 2016)£998

Source: lovemoney.com gas & electricity comparison centre. Prices based on average consumption as measured by Ofgem of 13,500kWh of gas and 3,200 kWh of electricity

Have you switched to Extra Energy – how did it go? Let us know below.

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