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Late arrival of Virgin plane made me miss my connecting flight...


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Dear Fixer,
When my Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to London Heathrow was delayed recently, I knew it might well mean me missing my connecting British Airways flight to Geneva, which was due to take off some three hours later.

But on arrival at Heathrow, I still had about an hour to get to the gate. I decided to try to make it, despite being assured by Virgin on the flight from New York that people who missed connecting flights due to the delay would be helped.

Unfortunately, I had to wait to speak to someone at the British Airways desk and was eventually told that it was too late to get the flight I had booked.

I was then directed to the Virgin departures area where I was told that the airline would not help me find a new flight because my British Airways ticket had been bought separately.

So, thanks to Virgin I had to buy a new flight costing about £200. Can you help?

C Banks, London

Dear Mrs Banks,

It is true that airlines cannot be held responsible for flights that are missed due to delays and are not bought on a through ticket.

However, the good news is that you can make a claim for the extra flight costs on your Ace travel insurance.

I have sent you the necessary claim forms. All you need to do is complete them and provide the relevant evidence.

The Fixer

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