Christmas cards for those with a sense of humour

When robins and holly get boring, why not try one of these more outrageous cards?

christmas background with snowy ...

Every year we send around £330 million worth of Christmas cards - and that's even before you factor in the postage. It's an impressive industry, involving a thousand different publishers, and millions of designs, and yet every year we get the same predictable themes.

There are some people who need to receive cards with robins and snowy scenes on them. Anything else would disturb their delicate equilibrium and wreck the whole festive period for them.

However, there are others who have a whole shelf of cute reindeer and jolly holly, and would appreciate something a bit different. And for them there's a new breed of card. We have tracked down ten of the best cards for those with a taste for the unusual - and a sense of humour.

Christmas cards with a difference

Christmas cards with a difference

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