Rochdale councillor Karen Danczuk sells scented selfies online

The MP's wife says it's just business

Karen Danczuk's eBay listing

Search for 'Karen Danczuk' on Google Images, and you'll be left in no doubt about what she sees as her best features - and now the Labour MP's wife plans to make some money from them.

The 31-year-old mother of two, who is married to Rochdale's Labour MP Simon Danczuk, represents the Kingsway ward on Rochdale Council and runs a local delicatessen. But she still finds time to post thousands of cleavage-focused selfies online, including many where she wears a bikini top.

Now, though, she has started selling signed - and even scented - prints of the snaps on eBay for £10 each. "The photos are Postcard size and each photo will be personally signed, sprayed, scented and sent by me!" the listing reads.

So far, she's sold 79 of the pictures. "Think I might need to buy some more Chanel Perfume!" she tweets.

The councillor's saucy selfies - she's posted more than 60 in the last four months - have already attracted criticism, with former Conservative MP Louise Mensch describing her this summer as "Westminster's most embarrassing wife".

And, in October, Janet Street-Porter accused her of neglecting her responsibilities as a Rochdale councillor after nine men were jailed for child exploitation in the area. But Danczuk shrugged off the criticism, saying, "The people of Rochdale are very proud of me at the moment and they are so excited that I am sat here today."

No doubt, her latest venture will raise more eyebrows. But husband Simon has been supportive of her antics so far, tweeting this summer: 'Proud of my wife - brains and beauty!"

And Danczuk herself says she has nothing to feel ashamed of for selling the saucy snaps. "I'm a business woman, it's what we do," she tweets. "Had message from very well known businessman who I won't name, he said "hats off to girl, it's stuff like this that's needed."

Criticism of Danczuck's behaviour is mostly based on the fact that it's seen as inappropriate in a councillor; she's certainly not the first person to sell signed selfies online. Recently, it emerged that former footballing legend Paul Gascoigne was doing the same - albeit without focussing on any one portion of his anatomy, and without spraying them with perfume first.

Celebrities with unusual business interests

Celebrities with unusual business interests

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