Does an energy supplier owe you money?

Big Six energy firms make it easier to claim unpaid credit

Energy firms step up refunds scheme

Britain's biggest energy suppliers are launching a campaign to get overdue credit repaid to former customers.

The My Energy Credit system helps people claim back money owed to them by companies they are no longer customers of.

Now they can get information through a helpline or freepost address as well as the My Energy Credit website, which launched back in September.

It's primarily targeted at people who left credit behind when they moved house or switched energy suppliers, although customers who have a deceased relative that left unclaimed credit when they closed their estate can also get in touch.

The Big Six are aiming to repay an average of around £50 to approximately three million people across the UK.

Customers can apply for credit repayment no matter how long ago they closed the relevant account so long as there is evidence that they were a former customer. They can also claim from more than one company if they're owed credit from them.

On top of the My Energy Credit campaign, suppliers are reviewing their own records and employing search agencies in a bid to get previous customers the cash that they are owed.

How it works

You still make the claim directly through the supplier(s), but My Energy Credit acts as a facilitator, providing information on the different ways that you can contact them.

Generally, energy companies keep records of past customers, but to speed things up a bit you'll need to have a proof of identity (like a driving licence or passport) and the address you're claiming for, including the postcode. An old bill will also be helpful.

If you're unsure of who your previous supplier was, My Energy Credit can help you out with that too. Give them a ring on 0370 737 7770 or send a letter to:


My Energy Credit

47 Aylesbury Road



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