A house only a Predator fan could love

Like Predator? Love Aliens? Enjoy quirky décor? Then this could be your dream home...

predator house

Unless you're a fan of a certain 1987 science fiction action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger this house may not be the right one for you.

If, however, you enjoyed the Predator series of films, and we mean really, really enjoyed them, then this house could provide some inspiration for the next time you redecorate.

It's a two-to-three bedroom detached residence, currently on sale in Sweden.

From the outside it's innocuous enough; an easily-maintained garden, a large roof space, a stone wall. Apart from the statues, there's very little to raise an eyebrow.

But step inside and you'll quickly see why this house is more suited to Schwarzenegger than holiday homebuyers...

predator house

First up, the large, pleasant dining kitchen. Admittedly there's a Predator mask mounted on the wall, but everyone has their quirks.

In fact, you can almost picture the conversation between husband and wife: "Okay, you can have those tiles but only if my Predator mask gets pride of place."

predator house

But then you step into the dining area and see the other masks. And what's that in the hallway?

That's right, more masks. And a life-size Predator model (just the thing to bump into when you come downstairs in the night to fetch a glass of water).

predator house

But wait, there's more. Creepy lamps, more masks, an Alien vs Predator-themed door... What more could you want?

predator house

Before we go in, just look at that detail. Glowing red hieroglyphics; this owner has been nothing if not dedicated. In the sales blurb, the estate agent enthuses about the attention to detail – could this be what he meant? What could be behind such a door?

predator house

If you said astonishing Alien vs. Predator-themed den with speakers and comfy chairs and wall-mounted aliens then you were right! Welcome to our favourite room in the entire house.

predator house

There's even some face huggers emerging from their eggs, watched over lovingly by the queen. Awww.

predator house

And even if you're not a Predator or AvP fan, this house still has something for you. The roof space contains this epic den complete with stage, disco ball and still more comfy chairs. The seller likes comfy chairs almost as much as they like Predator – and they really, really like Predator.

predator house

Looking again at the quiet street outside and the non-descript front, we can't help but wonder if the neighbours know what an eccentric home they live by. It sort of makes you wonder what your own neighbours are hiding behind their front doors...

Have your say: would you live in this house? Is it your dream home or a nightmare? Share your thoughts using the comments below.

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