Angelina Jolie: I won't move to UK if there's a Mansion Tax

Jolie says she is considering buying property in the UK, but that a Mansion tax would put her off

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie: Mansion Tax Could 'Put Me Off' Moving to UK

Angelina Jolie has apparently said that she wouldn't buy a house in the UK if Labour were elected, because she would be put off by the prospect of paying a mansion tax.

The multi-millionaire is said to be house-hunting in London at the moment, and it's a fair bet that her budget stretches to more than £2 million. However, she has been reported as saying that she is sensible with money, so a mansion tax would put her off the whole enterprise.

The Daily Mail reported Jolie's financial concerns, which were revealed while she was promoting her new film, Unbroken, in London. She said in an interview with Channel 4 that she was fond of England and that she would like to have 'some kind of foothold' in the country.

Jolie, Brad Pitt and their six children have certainly spent plenty of time here in recent years - particularly as Pitt was filming Fury and World War Z.

In the interview, she suggested that having an office here would be nice, but when asked what she thought about an annual tax on property worth £2 million or more she said it would put her off.

This isn't the first time that the couple have complained about taxes in the UK. The Guardian pointed out that in 2013, Brad Pitt was asked if he would consider a move here, and answered that he'd love it, it was good fun, but that the UK needed to "work on the tax issues."

Celebrity exodus

However, in this instance, it is adding to a growing chorus of concern from famous faces. Most controversially Mylene Klass appeared with Ed Miliband in a TV debate, and launched a vociferous attack on the tax. It was initially considered an embarrassment for Miliband and a victory for the former pop star and model. Unfortunately, in the aftermath there was a growing backlash, with a feeling that millionaire Klass was out of touch and insensitive.

Other celebrities who have spoken out about this tax include Bill Odie and Griff Rhys Jones - who said he would consider leaving the country if such a tax was introduced.

Yet Miliband doesn't not appear to have been swayed by celebrity angst. If Labour do get in, there's therefore a chance of a celebrity exodus.

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Angelina Jolie

They would hardly be the first celebrities to move overseas for tax purposes. Sir Sean Connery, Ringo Starr, Jensen Button, Lewis Hamilton, and Roger Moore have all followed this path, and Rod Stewart has only just decided to return after 40 years overseas.

But what do you think? Should Miliband be concerned about famous faces speaking out, or can he afford to lose a few more to tax havens without Britain running out of celebrities?

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