All change for Queen coin portrait

Only the fifth definitive coin portrait created during the Queen's 62-year reign

The Gillick Portrait on a 1953 SovereignThe Rank-Broadley Portrait on a 1998 Sovereign

It will be "all change" for UK coinage next year when the definitive portrait of the Queen will be updated for the first time since 1998.

The current portrait by Ian Rank-Broadley, which has been a constant presence on circulating and commemorative coins for 16 years, will be replaced by a new one.

It is only the fifth definitive coin portrait to have been created during the Queen's 62-year reign.

The new portrait will be chosen by a closed competition commissioned by the Royal Mint Advisory Committee, where a number of specialist designers are invited to submit designs under anonymous cover, before a winner is selected by the committee.

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Queen coin portrait

Queen coin portrait

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