Domino's pizza delivered to customer's bed

'Dave' was too hung-over to answer the door

A Domino's delivery woman takes pizza to a customer's bed

Domino'sisn't always known for its excellent service. But on pizza delivery woman has been praised for going the extra few yards after a customer asked for his meal to be delivered straight to his bed.

The customer, named Dave, was so hung-over that he couldn't face answering the door - so explained what he wanted in the delivery instructions.

"Let yourself in turn right go past the kitchen through the lounge room. Turn left and double doors r my bedroom," he wrote. "I'm in my undies watching James Bond. Don't be alarmed."

Dave was delighted with his pizza, and snapped a picture of the delivery woman as she brought it to his bed.

If Domino's Facebook and Twitter accounts are to be believed, though, the news makes quite a change from the company's usual levels of service. Customers frequently complain of rude staff, wrong or slow deliveries - and worse.

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Earlier this year, the company was forced to apologise after delivering a pizza covered in mould to a Surrey man and his five-year-old son; no explanation was given.

Soon after, a Blackpool woman was outraged to discover that her pizza had arrived half-eaten, apparently because it was a staff meal that had been placed on a holding rack to keep warm. And a Newport teenager had the fright of his life when a Domino's staff member made a mistake ringing up his order, leading to a £180,000 bill.

However, the company - which is the UK's biggest pizza delivery group - is still doing well, and it's planning to add another 40 or 50 stores to its existing 900-odd outlets. Sales have been rising for the last four quarters and are up nearly 12% on last year, partly thanks to a new mobile app and revamped website that make it easier then ever to order.

Next month, Microsoft reportedly plans to introduce an app for the XBox One gaming console that can be accessed by saying "Domino's, feed me" into the microphone; and, in the US, an in-car app called Ford Sync allows people to order pizza using their car's smart tech interface.

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