Freebie Friday: your ticket to the week's best freebies

Free pumpkins, breakfast, booze, Vitamin D, and a coat hook

Family playing in autumn leaves

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the onset of autumn this weekend without spending anything. There's a free pumpkin for your Halloween celebrations, a free breakfast to celebrate the clocks going back, vitamins to boost Vitamin D when the sun goes in, and even a free coat hook strong enough to handle your warmest of coats.

Free pumpkin

To get you in the Halloween spirit, you can get hold of a freebie pumpkin from Tesco, Asda, Morrison's, Sainsbury's or Waitrose through You'll need the mobile app to take advantage, so you'll need to download it first. Then you have to buy the pumpkin, sign into the app, click on 'in store' cashback, then click the 'snap and save' icon. You can then take a photo of your receipt, upload it, and within 30 days the cash will be back in your account. The deal is valid from 11am today until midnight on Halloween - or until 5,000 have been redeemed.

Free drink

When you sign up to receive newsletters from Pitcher & Piano, you'll be sent a monthly offer of a free drink. This month you can choose between a Tequila Fizz cocktail or a pint of Krušovice lager. You just need to click on the deal sent to you, and show a legible code to bar staff,

Free Vitamin D for kids

Asda is giving away a month's supply of chewable Vitamin D tablets for children, in its pharmacies. Vitamin D is vital for the absorption of calcium. In the summer the sun keeps it topped up, but on dark and dreary days taking supplements can help boost your Vitamin D levels. They're raspberry flavour too, so it shouldn't be too tricky to get the kids to take them.

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Free breakfast

To celebrate the clocks going back, Giraffe is offering a free breakfast and hot drink to anyone who shows up in a dressing gown on Monday 27 October - by 11am. The freebies include bacon and eggs on toast, muesli, and a breakfast burrito - among others. This has been rumoured on the freebie sites for a while, and was finally confirmed on Giraffe's Twitter feed this morning.

Free coat hook

Before you hoist the winter coats onto flimsy hooks and destroy them , you can get your hands on a new extra strong hook from DuraHook. The users of have found free samples of the colourful hooks usually found in sports clubs and schools. They are meant to help you select a set for your building project, but there are no restrictions on who can receive one,

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