Sky to hike line rental and call costs from December

Sky customers will pay more from 1st December 2014.

Sky to hike line rental and call costs from December

Sky is putting its prices up once again.

The provider has announced it will be hiking the cost of line rental and certain non-inclusive call charges from 1st December 2014.

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What's changing?

The cost of Sky Line Rental will rise by £1, from £15.40 to £16.40 for new and existing customers, a 6.5% hike.

And some non-inclusive call charges are also going up.

The connection fee for non-inclusive calls will increase by 6%, from 15p per call to 15.9p per call, unless a separate connection fee or minimum fee is specified.

Non-inclusive calls to UK landlines will go up from 8.9p per minute to 9.5p per minute, an increase of 6.7%.

Calls to UK mobiles will go up by 5.8%, from 12p per minute to 12.7p per minute, at any time of day.

Finally Sky Voicemail 1571 will change from a free service to a paid-for service costing £1 a month. If you don't want to continue using voicemail it can be switched off by calling Sky or going online at

Packages safe for now

Sky says that at this stage it's not making changes to the monthly charge for Sky Talk packages for existing customers.

There are also no changes to Sky Broadband or Sky TV subscription prices at this time.

Sky added broadband and call plan subscription charges had been frozen for more than four years now.

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What can Sky customers do?

Sky says it will be writing to all customers affected by the changes.

If you're not happy about the latest hikes and currently outside the minimum term of your contract, you can leave fee-free.

If you're still in a contract you can also leave without paying any exit fees. But you'll need to contact Sky within 30 days of getting your letter about the price changes.

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