Couple win £4.5m in lotto after playing same numbers for 20 years

Denis and Mary Graham plan to share their winnings with their family

Couple win £4.5m in lotto after playing same numbers for 20 years

A retired couple from County Durham have scooped a "life changing" £4.5m lotto jackpot after playing the same numbers for 20 years.

Denis and Mary Graham finally struck lucky after landing the lotto quadruple rollover draw securing them £4,570,887 on Wednesday, reports the Mirror.

The couple from Billingham, said they were in a "state of shock"

According to the BBC, The couple said they "felt numb" after they initially thought they had won just £25.

Grandfather of three, Denis said: "We've enjoyed playing since The National Lottery began but never thought we'd win a big, life-changing amount such as this.

"I couldn't quite believe it when I matched all six– I felt numb and thought it was some kind of joke!

"I went downstairs to see Mary and said 'I think we might have won the lottery' and after I showed her she couldn't quite believe it either.

"We made the call to Camelot and they confirmed that we had indeed won a share of the jackpot so we then knew it was real."

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Mrs Graham said: "Denis came to tell me we'd won but he was very calm.

"If we'd won the jackpot as he said I'd expect him to be leaping around with delight so I really didn't believe him at first but I think he was just in a state of shock, as was I.

"We decided to share the news of our win as we didn't want to keep it a secret and we want people to know that it's possible for normal hard working people like us to win."

Mary and Denis intend to share their winnings with their family.

Their winning Lotto numbers were 9, 19, 22, 34, 41, 46 and the bonus ball was 6.

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