Introducing the £1,100 'Glamburger'

Wagyu beef and all the trimmings (including gold leaf)

Honky Tonk's Glamburger

A Chelsea restaurant reckons it's created the world's most luxurious burger - which comes with with gold leaf, lobster and caviar on the side. Costing a beefy £1,100, it's been rubber-stamped by Record Setters this week as the most expensive in the world.

The burger itself is made from 220g of Kobe Wagyu beef, minced up with 60g of New Zealand venison to balance the fat content. This is wrapped round a black truffle Brie that will liquidise in the centre, rather like a high-class chicken Kiev.

The Glamburger comes alongside a Canadian lobster poached in Iranian saffron - and is topped with bacon coated with maple syrup, beluga caviar and a hickory-smoked duck egg covered in gold leaf.

The burger's brioche bun is coated in gold leaf too, and garnished with grated white truffle.

The burger was created for the American diner-style Honky Tonk restaurant by head chef Chris Large. And, as a promotion for Groupon, one Glamburger meal (plus travel costs to and from the restaurant) will be given away to a lucky diner. Gourmets can enter the competition here; so far, more than 5,000 have tried their luck.

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The Perfect Way to Hold a Burger

Not the most expensive

"Creating the world's most expensive burger for one lucky Groupon winner has been a great experience," says Large. "And I know, after sourcing the best possible ingredients to create this masterpiece, the winner will certainly have a dinner to remember."

It's debatable whether the Glamburger is actually the wold's most expensive burger - Fleur, in Las Vegas sells one for $2,500. It, too, is made from Wagyu beef and adorned with black truffle.

Wagyu beef has a reputation for being the finest in the world - it's made from animals that have particularly fat-marbled flesh, and that are often massaged and fed beer to improve the meat. As a result, the real thing is generally very costly.

However, it's sometimes hard for ambitious chefs to create suitably expensive meals without piling on random added ingredients. Lobster, duck egg and caviar aren't, after all traditional burger ingredients, nor "mango and Champagne jus" a traditional sauce.

Similarly, a recent attempt to create the world's most expensive ready meal involved the addition of solid gold crumbs to justify the £324 price tag - meaning you might need to budget for dental costs as well.

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