What's more likely, winning the lottery or being killed by your trousers?

A big lottery win always seems within your grasp, but we reveal five bizarre and unpleasant things that are far more likely

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Winning the lottery seems to be easily within your grasp: all you need is a little bit of luck and you'll be a multi-millionaire. It's no wonder that every month around half of the UK population buys a lottery ticket. The sad truth, of course, is that winning the lottery is anything but easy. Your odds of securing the jackpot on the Euromillions draw, for example, are a shocking 116.5 million to one.

The good news for lottery fans is that this isn't the only game in town, and the odds on the other lottery games are better. Your odds of taking home the lottery jackpot are just under 14 million to one, your hopes of a Thunderball win are 8 million to one, and your chances of winning the health lottery are 2 million to one. Compared to the Euromillions, these start to sound like dead certs: how could you not win with odds as short as 8 million to one? However, it's worth putting that in perspective.

The National Bingo Game recently tried to do that by working out how much more likely you were to win £250,000 on the National Bingo Game. Their statistics from The University of Reading demonstrating that your odds of winning thousands at the bingo are just under 36,000 to 1. That's 3,246 times more likely than winning Euromillions.

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However, it's not just bingo that's more likely than a lottery win. Here are five bizarre and unpleasant things which are more likely.

5. Ending up in hospital after a trouser-related accident.
The Department of Trade and Industry has worked out that every year 6,000 people have so much trouble putting their trousers on that they have an accident that lands them in casualty. It means that the chances of this hitting you are 10,000 to one - and so you are 1,400 times more likely to suffer this fate than win the lottery.

In extreme cases, these trouser incidents actually end up killing people - and your chances of this happening to you are around 30 million to one - still almost four times as likely as a Euromillions win.

4. Being killed by a bee or wasp sting
Keen picnickers beware. You are almost five times more likely to be killed by a bee or wasp sting than you are to win the Euromillions - with odds of 25 million to one.

3. A left handed person being killed by a right handed product.
More than 2,500 people die of this every year around the world (power saws are a particular risk). It makes your odds of dying in this way around 4.4 million to one - which is almost twice as likely as winning the Thunderball, three times as likely as winning the lottery, and 26 times more likely than winning the Euromillions.

2. Dying after falling out of bed.
Around 290 people die of this every year in the UK, which puts your odds at roughly 2 million to one. It makes it seven times more likely than winning the lottery - and more than 50 times more likely than winning the Euromillions. Next time you're kicking yourself for not winning the lottery, don't forget to be seven times more grateful that you managed to get out of bed without killing yourself too.

1. Dying after falling off a ladder
This fate befalls around 55 people in the UK each year, which makes it roughly a one in a million chance. It makes it twice as likely as a health lottery win, eight times as likely as the Thunderball, 14 times as likely as winning the Lottery and 116.5 times more likely than Euromillions win.

It brings a whole new meaning to the old Lottery slogan 'It could be you....'

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