Freebie Friday: your ticket to this week's best freebies

Free skincare, iPhone protector, Disney DVD and wills

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This week Freebie Friday is looking to the future. We have two moisturising freebies to look after the future of your face; there's a free phone protector to secure the future integrity of your new smartphone; there's a great Christmas shopping freebie to get you planning for a more immediate future; and for the very long term there's also the chance to get a will drawn up for free. Sadly there are no free hover boards or jet packs this week - that's perhaps one for the future.

Free moisturiser
The users of have spotted that Nivea for Men is giving away trial size moisturiser when you sign up for its newsletter. The newsletter says it will include things like grooming tips - which might be a bit patronising, but it also promises regular special offers, which may make for more interesting reading.

Free face cream
At the risk of tempting anyone to over-moisturise, there's a women's face cream freebie on offer this week too. Instyle magazine is giving away free travel-sized tubes of face cream from Elemis with its November edition. You get to choose between the day cream and the night cream, and although the magazine will set you back £3.99, for that you get about £11 of face cream (based on the fact that 50ml of the day cream costs £38 and you'll be getting 15ml).

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Free iPhone 6 or 6 Plus screen protector
Endsleigh the insurer is offering free iPhone 6 screen protectors for anyone who completes their details online. There are only a few thousand of these up for grabs, so you'll need to be quick. The company sells gadget insurance, so if you get hold of one of these it's going to know it can target you to try to persuade you to insure your expensive new gadgets; but if you're willing to put up with the odd email it's a nice freebie.

Free Disney DVD
A number of shops are doing a deal on Disney DVDs - offering two for the price of one. The stores involved include Tesco, Asda, HMV, Play, Zavvi and Amazon. It's worth doing your research before you go, however, because while a title like Frozen otherwise tends to sell at around £18 - so two for £13 is a bargain - others like Bambi can usually be bought for £7, so two for £13 will only save you £1. If you have children to buy for this Christmas, this could be a handy way to start your Christmas shopping.

Free wills
If you are aged 55 or over, you can get a will drawn up for nothing this October. You just go to the free wills website during October and input your postcode. It will give you the details of the nearest solicitor taking part in the scheme, and you just need to call them to arrange a visit (mentioning free wills month at the same time). The call needs to be done during October, but you don't necessary have to squeeze your appointment in before November - just check when you call.

The special deal is being paid for by a number of charities, and you will have the option of leaving them something in your will in return, but you don't have to take them up on this.

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