Paul Gascoigne selling signed photos on eBay

Troubled star selling autographed pics from just £20

Paul Gascoigne court case

Paul Gascoigne has clearly had his challenges. The 47-year-old former footballing legend has been photographed looking far from his best, and has spoken about his battles with alcoholism.

However, he is said to be keen to turn things around, and is looking for new projects, which will provide a focus, and provide a revenue stream.

The Mirror reports that Gazza is working with memorabilia firm A1 Sporting Memorabilia, selling autographed photos oh himself on eBay for just £20. The firm works by holding signing sessions with the stars - and pays for every signature.

It's not a bad start, and is a source of income which has been favoured by all sorts of stars from Mike Tyson to Steven Gerrard and Pele - although to be fair their memorabilia tends to sell for hundreds of pounds

What next?

He is also said to be in talks with a number of companies about a possible biopic of his life. Some of his friends were quoted as saying that the project is providing a useful focus for him, and while he is not short of money, it would be a useful side-effect.

Telling his story may be the most lucrative option for Gascoigne right now, and is something he has been willing to do before.

His 2006 autobiography 'Being Gazza: Tackling My Demons' could also be updated to capture renewed interest in his struggle, and there are plenty of photographs around that could be added to make several new chapters on their own.

Then, of course, there is reality television, which is a common approach for a celebrity hoping to let the public see their best side and turn their career around.

The alternative
However, there is another alternative. When AOL interviewed Michael Barrymore in September last year, he had spent years overseas after his fall from grace, and on his return had already been on Celebrity Big Brother - where he came second.

However, he told AOL that the turning point for him came when he made a decision to deal with the underlying issue. He said at the peak of his career he was driven by performing, and the adulation of the crowd.

He says: "I was only happy when I was on stage. I used to think that if I could be on stage all day every day I wouldn't have any problems; and that's not healthy." When that all came to an end 12 years ago he swapped one addiction for another. He reveals: "The trouble was that I was so addicted to work that when it was taken away, my reaction was to get a drug of choice that wasn't good for me."

The past two years have seen him come to terms with these addictions, and find a healthier balance. He says: "I don't need to fill the gaps and the quiet bits any more. I'm happy living on my own for the first time. I'm not in a relationship and I'm not looking for one." This left him able to focus on his latest venture, the Made By Dave clothing label, which is the result of focused hard work out of the limelight.

The answer for Gazza may not lie in fashion, but perhaps there could be something to be gained from a similar period of reflection and hard work. The question is whether his challenges, and the constant interest of the press, will enable him to do this.

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