Aldi grabs Top Washing-Up Liquid crown

Fairy Liquid squeezed into second place by supermarket cheapie while Tesco finishes last in the battle of the bubbles

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A discount own-brand washing up liquid has snatched the Best Buy crown from Fairy Liquid.

Aldi's Magnum Premium squirts past brand champ Fairy Liquid not just on performance but squeezes ahead - by a big margin - on price.

Which? says Aldi's sink grease-buster can't be beat at 79p for 500ml.

But there was disappointment for Tesco, whose Expert Lemon picked up the (dirty) wooden spoon for finishing last.

Nearly 15,000 plates

Aldi's Magnum Premium Original scored 89% in the consumer watchdog's test, washing 14,873 plates per £1. Almost three times per £1 compared to Fairy Platinum (5,069). In contrast, Tesco's offering scored just 37%.

Tesco's offering wasn't the only well-known brand that fared poorly. Ecover's Lemon & Aloe Vera and Gentle Touch Mango & Shea Butter also trailed in the Consumer Association's grease test.

"Washing-up may not be everyone's favourite thing to do," says Aldi buying boss Tony Baines, "but our brand new washing-up liquid shows that you don't have to spend a fortune to make this mundane household chore a little bit easier."

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Aldi washing-up liquid has consistently come near the top of the Which? tests but their new 79p formula knock's Fairy's premium offering 'Fairy Platinum' - selling for £1.70 - clean off its perch.

Recently The Grocer magazine claimed Aldi rival Lidl was almost 30% cheaper than Tesco on 33 popular lines of groceries.

Increasingly, the continental cheapies aren't just challenging the established players on loss leaders but across entire product ranges - hence multiple profit warnings.

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Aldi's market share is now approaching that of Waitrose's (Waitrose recently warned on profits). However while some people might cheer Aldi and Lidl on as the perceived, plucky underdog, in reality they're enormous (in Germany they take around 25% of the total market).

The current UK supermarket war has claimed the two top jobs at Tesco's. Ex chief exec Philip Clarke has been replaced by Dave Lewis and finance head Laurie Mcllwee has been replaced by Alan Stewart.

Tesco shares, currently at 246p, are down around 26% from the start of the year. Morrisons shares are down almost 33% since the beginning of the year, at 176p.

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