Is your toaster a shock risk?

Electric shock risk leads Asda to recall 300,000 toasters


Supermarket giant Asda is recalling various plastic toasters because of "the possible risk of electric shock".

Anyone owning one is asked to take it to their local Asda store for a full refund.

Model numbers affected are KS-2418B / KS-2418W / KS-2118B / KS-2118W and KS-2118S.

Appliances involved are four-slice toasters in black and white, barcodes: 05052449208313 and 05052449208320, price £17.96, and two-slice toasters in black, white and silver, barcodes: 05052449208283, 05052449208290 and 05052449208306, price: £9.96.

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