Lucky Lotto winner bags £7m jackpot

Could it have been you?

Lucky Lotto winner bags £7m jackpot

One ticketholder scooped last night's Lotto jackpot of £7 million, Camelot said.

The winning numbers were 45, 47, 40, 43, 36 and 16 and the bonus number was 10.

Set of balls number four and draw machine Lancelot were used.

Wednesday's estimated jackpot is £2.1 million.

The jackpot winner collects £7,087,472.

Five ticketholders matched five numbers plus the bonus to take home £89,639 while 153 won £2,487 after matching five numbers.

A total of 9,823 matched four numbers for £204, and 194,311 claimed £25 with three numbers.

Some 100 winners scooped £20,000 in the Lotto Raffle.

Nobody won the top prize of £130,000 in the Lotto HotPicks draw.

In the Thunderball draw, the winning numbers were 26, 04, 14, 33 and 15 and the Thunderball number was 07.

There was one winner of the £500,000 top prize.

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