Michael Jackson's Las Vegas home for sale

Property is one of three linked to the King of Pop which are on the market. Which would you prefer?


Michael Jackson house

The Las Vegas home where Michael Jackson stayed in the last few years before his death has gone on the market. It's an astonishing home, and comes complete with a' medieval chapel' that seats 74, an underground art gallery, seven bedrooms, three kitchens and 12 bathrooms - and it's on the market for $19.5 million.

The Daily Mail reported that the property is owned by a group of diplomats and was rented out by Jackson when when he returned to the US from Bahrain in 2006 - after being acquitted of child molestation charges. He stayed there for two years, and left in 2008 - a year before his death.

Jackson was the last full time resident at the property, which was left empty for three years, before being overhauled. The Spanish-style property - which was built in 1952 by an eccentric theatre developer - remains idiosyncratically decorated. Photographs of the property have been published on Trulia, and reveal that the two-storey chapel is fairly striking - with its ceiling painted to look like the sky, balconies, chandelier and angel statues. The sitting room is an unusual mix of chandeliers and heavy velvet sofas along with dark exposed timber beams in the ceiling. Some of the rooms are clad with wood panels - and one even has mosaic-covered shelves built into the panels.

The grounds are also unusual in that although there's plenty of landscaping, cobbled paths, fountains and plazas, there's no pool. And even more oddly there's a guest cottage linked to the main house by an underground tunnel.

More Jackson properties for sale
Of course, if eccentric property with a link to Michael Jackson appeals, then another (far more famous) former home is also on the market. The Neverland Ranch is being sold by the business that saved it from repossession in 2008. The Guardian reported that the property is expected to fetch up to $85 million - depending on the premium fans would be willing to pay for their hero's former home. It has been substantially renovated under the direction of his children since his death and the fairground has been replaced with a Zen garden.

There's also a second Las Vegas property with a tenuous link to the King of Pop on the market. The $17 million estate is very different to both the other properties, and comes complete with 50 rooms (including 28 living rooms), an extensive pool area with a grotto bar behind a waterfall, a jungle-themed sitting room complete with life-sized animals, an indoor shooting range and a villa for dogs. Its claim to fame is that Jackson is said to have had plans to buy the property after returning from his London tour - which is about as tenuous as links to celebrity come.

So what do you think? Do any of these homes appeal?

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Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch To Go On The Market