The best 0% balance transfer credit cards

The card with the longest 0% period will be the best card


The best 0% balance transfer credit cards

When you choose a balance transfer credit card, you shouldn't just focus on the card with the longest 0% period.

It's easy to compare credit cards that offer interest-free periods on purchases. All you need to know is how long the 0% period is – the longest offer will be the best card.

Things are more complicated with 0% balance transfer credit cards. As a general concept, these are great products. You can transfer an existing credit card debt to a new card and then not pay any interest on that debt for a long period – currently up to 33 months with Barclaycard.

However, the problem is that you will have to pay a balance transfer fee. This is a percentage of the debt you're transferring to your new balance transfer card. Many cards now charge around 2.5% but there are a few that are significantly cheaper.

So when you're choosing a balance transfer card, you need to look at both the length of the 0% period and how expensive the fee is.

0% balance transfer cards with long interest-free periods

Let's start by looking at the cards with the longest 0% periods.
Credit card0% period on balance transfersBalance transfer fee
Cost of transferring £2,000 balance
Representative APR
Barclaycard 33-Month Platinum Visa33 months2.79%£55.8018.9%
Barclaycard 32-Month Platinum Visa32 months2.69%£53.8018.9%
Halifax Balance 32-Month Balance Transfer MasterCard32 months2.7%£5418.9%
Lloyds Bank 32-Month Balance Transfer MasterCard32 months2.8%£5618.9%
Tesco Bank Clubcard 32-Month Balance Transfer Credit Card32 months2.9%£5818.9%
Bank of Scotland Platinum 32-Month Balance Transfer MasterCard32 months3.5%£7018.9%
MBNA 31-Month Platinum31 months2.88%£57.6018.9%
Sainsbury's Bank Nectar Balance Transfer31 months2.89%£57.8018.9%

Compare the credit cards with the longest 0% period

0% cards with low balance transfer fees

However, if you're willing to go for a card with a shorter interest-free period, you can pay a much lower fee,as the table below shows.
Credit card0% periodBalance transfer feeFee paid on £2,000 transferRepresentative APR after 0% period ends
Barclaycard Low Fee Platinum Visa6 monthsNone£019.9%
Lloyds Bank Platinum 10-Month Balance Transfer MasterCard10 months0.4%£818.9%
Sainsbury's Bank Nectar Low Balance Transfer Fee MasterCard12 months0.5%£1018.9%
Fluid Low Fee Visa12 months0.5%£1018.9%
Nationwide Select Card*15 months0.55%£1115.9%
Nationwide Credit Card15 months0.65%£1317.9%
Post Office Platinum MasterCard18 months0.7%£1417.8%
Halifax 28-Month Balance Transfer MasterCard28 months1.5%£3018.9%
Bank of Scotland Platinum 28-Month Low Balance Transfer Fee MasterCard28 months1.5%£3018.9%
Lloyds Bank Platinum 28-Month Low Balance Transfer
Fee MasterCard
28 months1.5%£3018.9%

*Nationwide current account customers only

Average credit rating

Sadly, some people won't be able to get any of the cards we've highlighted in this article. That's because the credit card companies are only willing to give these cards to people with good credit ratings.

If you want to improve your credit rating, follow the tips in How to build an excellent credit history.

Other options

If you want even longer to get back into the black, you could apply for a personal loan and use the money you've borrowed to pay off your credit card debt. Right now, the top personal loans are charging around 4% in interest.

0% is best

But if you can get one of the top 0% cards, go for one of them. Just make sure you pay off your minimum monthly repayment promptly every time. Otherwise your credit card provider will use your late payment as an excuse to withdraw your 0% deal.

Compare credit cards

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How to dispute your credit record

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