Fancy a giant Commonwealth Teacake? One is up for auction

Tunnocks Teacakes Commonwealth costume up for auction


Sport - 2014 Commonwealth Games - Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games was designed to stir all sorts of emotions, but for most people one of the most overwhelming was the combination of hunger and nostalgia inspired by the first few minutes of the ceremony - with the appearance of the dancing giant Tunnock's Teacakes.

Now one of them has been put up for auction, and it has already reached a shocking sum.

The giant Teacake is being sold by the official Commonwealth Games memorabilia auction site. It describes the lot as an 'authentic prop' and a 'unique and rare piece of Scottish sporting history'. As well as the giant Teacake, the buyer will get `a metal tag featuring a serialised hologram' to prove it's bona fide.

It went on sale on Saturday night at 9.30pm. By lunchtime on Sunday the price had climbed to £150, and by midnight it hit £500. on Monday morning the price jumped again, and at the time of writing is selling for £685 - with 87 bids. Bidding closes at 9.30pm tonight, by which time it is likely to have topped £1,000.

It's by far the most popular item on the website, with twice as many bids as the most expensive item on the site - a prop Edinburgh Canon - which at the time of writing had received a bid of £780.

The site is also selling off athlete's chairs from the ceremony for between £20 and £50. There's also a prop fishing boat which is currently at £60, a toilet (from the segment celebrating Scottish inventions) for £36, a 'living statue' for £205, bagpipes made from a sack of porridge oats for £105, a prop whiskey barrel for £185, and a prop John o'Groats sign for £185.

The enthusiasm for the costume shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise. The sight of the spinning snacks sent sales of the real thing into a frenzy. Waitrose announced that in the 24 hours after the ceremony, sales of Teacakes rose by 62%. David Jones, supply chain director at Waitrose, said: "We usually expect to see people marking major sporting events with a barbecue or a beer with friends and family – but the sudden demand for Tunnock's teacakes isn't something we anticipated. We will certainly be stocking up to meet customer demand."

Tunnocks also says it has received a number of calls from members of the public wanting to buy the costumes - including one who wanted to run in one for charity.

It's not the first time the brand has inspired such enthusiasm. The company has received photographs from fans who have used them in place of a wedding cake, fashioned items of clothing out of the wrappers, and made Christmas decorations from them. One motorcycle customising business has painted a helmet as a teacake, and several manufacturers have put the image of them on everything from mugs and bags to place mats and t-shirts.

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