'Overheard in Waitrose' reveals hardships of the rich

Facebook page goes viral


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A Facebook page detailing the first-world problems of Waitrose shoppers has gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of users checking in to discover the trauma of discovering you've run out of salted walnuts.

The Overheard in Waitrose page now has nearly 300,000 Likes, many from overseas shoppers who had probably never heard of the posh supermarket until now. Some recent delights include:

• "...so I bought the quails' eggs in Waitrose and the Pimms in Aldi ..."

• "Oh look, deli crisps! Oh what, they are made by Walkers!! I thought they were artisan."

• "These biscuits are not for me, they are actually for my tree surgeon..."

Waitrose has long had a reputation as the home of the upper-class shopper - but this may be changing. It was pipped to the post by Aldi for the Best Grocer award earlier this year. And last October, a report from Verdict Research revealed that nearly one in five of Aldi's customers was in the 'middle-class' A/B category. 'Overheard in Aldi' may be the hit of the future.

Some more highlights from Overheard in Waitrose:

• Woman - "Are these chickens reduced?"
Partner - "They've just come out of the oven, so they will be reduced at the end of the day."
Woman - "Oh, I'm certainly not spending that much on chicken for the dogs!"

• "Do we need more sea salt dear? For which house?"

• "The worst thing we put into the new kitchen was the wine fridge. I have to keep it fully stocked so it fits in with the 'new look'."

• "Mummy, it's sooo annoying, the only boys I know are either at Eton or Harrow."

• "And we've got SUCH a swan problem in the garden this year!"

• "They don't appear to have any salted walnuts. This is just ridiculous!"

• "Oh, look, quails eggs. We have those at our chateau in France. Mummy always gets them for me. I really like quails eggs, they're so perfect." (The quails' eggs turned out to be pickled onions.)
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