Get rewards of up to four times the value of your Nectar points

Your Nectar points could be cashed in bigger rewards

Nectar cardNectar point collectors can cash their points in for much bigger rewards over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to the Double Up & More promotion, your points could be worth double, triple or even quadruple their usual value if you cash them in with certain Nectar partners. The promotion runs until 12th August.

Double Up & More

Normally 500 Nectar points can be converted into vouchers worth £2.50 when shopping at Sainsbury's. However, during the Double Up & More promotion you can cash them in for vouchers worth £5, £7.50 or even £10 at certain partners.

For example, you can get double the usual value of your points at Pizza Express and Sealife Centres, three times their value at Go Ape centres and all sorts of local zoos and wildlife centres, while you can four times their value at theme parks like Chessington World of Adventures.

Details on all of the partners offering boosted vouchers in the scheme can be found on the Nectar website.

Find the right credit card for you

Boost your balance

Nectar points can be accrued in all sorts of ways, besides shopping at Sainsbury's. Here's some of the other ways you can boost your balance.

Take out a deal with Sainsbury's Bank

Certain financial products, like the Sainsbury's Nectar Purchase Credit Card, get you points just by using them. All you need to do is apply online.

Find the right credit card for you

Move to British Gas

With British Gas, customers collect for every energy or maintenance account they have and for straightforward processes, like switching to a Direct Debit. Best of all, you get 5,000 points if you have free insulation installed*. Of course, there's no point switching to British Gas if you end paying much more for your energy than with a different energy provider.

*Offer expires end of July.

Sell your unwanted items at Oxfam

Before you donate your unwanted items, sign up for a 'Tag your Bag' account online. This can be linked to your Nectar account. Oxfam will then send you your Tag Your Bag stickers through the post. Just label your donation and take it to an Oxfam shop and you'll get two points for every £1 your items raise.

Travel with First Trains

Add your Nectar card number to your First account when you buy tickets online (you'll receive 100 points for this alone). After that you'll get two points for every £1 you spend online and up to 2,500 on season tickets.

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