Aldi named as UK's favourite brand


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Discount supermarket Aldi has become the UK's favourite brand, as cash-strapped consumers focus on value for money.

Lidl, too, appears prominently in the YouGov BrandIndex's mid-year rankings, taking the number four position.

"The budget grocery stores are making deep inroads into the supermarket sector and are also shaking up the retail landscape too, with Aldi coming in ahead of established brands such as John Lewis," says Sarah Murphy, BrandIndex director at YouGov.

"Consumers want to do their weekly shops affordably while losing nothing in terms of quality, and they believe these German brands do this. The other supermarkets in the top ten may need to react and adapt to the challenge in order to maintain their place in the hearts and minds of consumers."

Indeed, saving money is something of a theme this year, with taking eighth place. This time last year, the list was topped by BBC iPlayer, John Lewis and Samsung, with Waitrose and Sainsbury's the only supermarkets on the list.

In terms of the most improved brands, Findus tops the list - suggesting that it's recovering from the horse-meat scandal of last year - but Aldi finds itself in second place.

The supermarket chain is going from strength to strength, opening 50 new stores a year. It recently announced plans to double the number of UK stores to 1,000 over the next seven years. It's seen a massive 40% growth in sales over the last year, according to retail analysts Kantar, and now has 4.7% of the market.

Key to this has been an emphasis on value for money, rather than cheapness alone. Products such as Wagyu beef and vintage champagne have pulled in middle-class shoppers.

In February, it was voted the nation's favourite supermarket in a Which? poll, knocking Waitrose from top spot, and it was named Retailer of the Year at Retail Week's annual awards in March. "People want to, rather than need to, shop at Aldi, and it's down to our exceptional quality, our relevance to the British consumer and everyday low pricing," a spokesperson said.

And, by promoting price competition, discount stores are good news even for those shoppers that don't use them. The British Retail Consortium reported last week that food is now showing the lowest rate of inflation since April 2005, at just 0.6%.

"Fierce competition among grocers has driven food price inflation to record low levels, and with some grocers having announced plans to keep prices down, consumers stand to benefit for a while to come," says director general Helen Dickinson.

YouGov BrandIndex

1 Aldi 25.9
2 John Lewis 20.5
3 BBC iPlayer 19.6
4 Lidl 18.2
5= Dyson 14.4
5= Waitrose 14.4
7 13.4
8 12.1
9 Samsung 11.6
10 Sainsbury's 11.5