Happy ending for lottery winner as fiancee moves in

Things don't always work out so well for lottery winners


EuroMillions winners

Adrian Bayford, who along with his wife won £148 million on the Euromillions in August 2012, has reportedly moved his new fiancee into the £6 million mansion he originally bought with his wife. It could be the happy ending that so many people hoped for when he and his wife Gillian scooped the jackpot (pictured).

However, happiness is not guaranteed for a lottery winner.

When Adrian and Gillian Bayford, from Haverhill in Suffolk, became the second-biggest lottery winners in British history, they were the kinds of winners that everyone wanted to see succeed.

At the press conference announcing the win, they said that the money had come at a time when they were fairly tight for cash. Gillian worked night shifts at a children's hospital to help make ends meet, while Adrian co-owned a music shop that was his pride and joy. The pair said they hardly ever had a chance to see each other because of their working patterns, and this would give them a new lease of life.

They also said they were both fairly grounded - and their friends and family would help them stay that way. They wanted to share their good luck with their loves ones and give their children the best possible start in life. Adrian pledged to continue running the shop he loved, and the children were given a night of take-away pizza to celebrate.

Bad luck

Unfortunately things didn't work out quite as planned. First Adrian was forced to close his music shop, because people were using it to target him and ask for money, so it was becoming impossible to run the business.

Then in November last year, the couple announced that they would be divorcing after nine years together, saying that the stress of the win had caused their marriage to break down. The £6 million Grade I-listed Georgian mansion the pair had bought to share together was being lived in by Gillian and the couple's two children, while Adrian stayed in a house nearby.

Happy ending

Now, however, things are looking up for Adrian. According to the Daily Mail, Bayford's fiancee has now moved into the former family home with Adrian - as Gillian and the children have moved out. The media is making much of the fact that Bayford is 43, and his finacee Samantha Burbidge is 27 - and that he's a multi-millionaire while she's a former stable girl, but they are a happy couple. They met in a pub near his home and were engaged within six weeks.

Adrian has seen his share of heartache, all in the media spotlight. However, perhaps he can take some crumbs of comfort from the fact that other winners have faced even more shocking fates after their lottery win brought them fame. These tales might help put things in perspective.

One of the most well-known is Callie Rogers, who won £1.9 million on the National Lottery at the age of 16. Last year she gave a magazine interview where she admitted to spending the money wildly and wasting every penny of the £1.9 million - including spending £250,000 on cocaine. Her life is now back on track and she is training to be a nurse, with just £2,000 in the bank. She said that winning the lottery had been a curse.

Things get even worse than this: last March there were reports about Urooj Khan, who won £264,000 on the Illinois Lottery. Sadly he died before picking up his prize, and a post-mortem found that he had died of cyanide poisoning.

Then there's the tale of Jeffrey Dampier, who won $20 million on the Illinois lottery in 1996. He bought homes, cars and holidays for his friends and family - but his sister-in-law repaid his generosity nine years later by kidnapping and murdering him.

Finally there was William Post, who won $16.2 million in 1988. Within two years he had been sued by his girlfriend for a share of the money, and saw his brother arrested for hiring a hit man to kill him for a share of the cash.

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