Farmworker builds his own house for just £3,000

How did he build a home for £3,000? And could you do it?

self-build £3,000 homeDayne Bendle, a 23-year-old farm labourer from Winkleigh in Devon, couldn't imagine how he could ever get onto the property ladder. His annual income of £10,000 effectively pushed local property out of his reach. So, despite the fact he didn't have any construction experience, he decided to build his own home. Now he has completed it for an incredible price of just £3,000.

So how did he do it, and could you follow his example?
The Daily Mail reported that the property started life as a tractor trailer, and Bendle has turned it into a home - complete with a kitchen, sitting area, and a bedroom upstairs.

He had some help: his father is a carpenter, and helped him construct the wooden-framed home. He also had friends who were able to donate materials, and the rest he either negotiated to buy at trade prices or got from scrap merchants.

The finish isn't exactly luxurious - as the walls are made of unpainted plywood and the table of untreated pine - which is on a hinge and pulls down from the wall.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the home is also missing a bathroom, electricity and heating, but he has spent his first winter there and with the aid of a wood-burning stove, he found he could take the cold. He has now embraced a life of reasonable self-sufficiency, and the farmer donated some land so he could grow some vegetables and keep chickens.

It's an ingenious solution, which means he has avoided the fate of many of his friends who he said are still living at home.

Could you do it?

It seems like an extreme approach, but he is not the only person to decide to build themselves a cut-price creative solution to a property problem.

The home-from-a-trailer approach was exploited impressively by architect Macy Miller, who spent a bit more at $11,000, but ended up with a beautifully finished creative home which she shared with her Great Dane - and even had space for her boyfriend to stay regularly.

We reported back in March on Steve Areen, a Brit who was travelling in Thailand when he decided to build his own home for less than £5,500 - in just six weeks. He spent £2,500 on constructing the two-room dome house, and the rest adding finishing touches like doors, a screen, steps up the side and a roof terrace.

Then there was Steve James from Dumfries, who built a single-story clay and earth home in 2008, using ancient techniques. Even after he smartened the place up with a kitchen fashioned from a cedar that had blown over in a park, a Moroccan marbled shower room, a lighting system run from a car battery and a turfed roof, his bill for the build came in under £4,000.

But perhaps the most impressively cheap self-built home was Michael Buck, a smallholder from Oxfordshire, who built a 'cob house' at the bottom of his garden for £150. He used ancient techniques to built a single-story single-room home, and furnished it entirely from either natural materials or things that had been thrown away by other people - including an old lorry windscreen which was used to make two windows.

Around the world there have been other examples, including the retired teacher who features in this video.

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