Dream of winning the lottery comes true: but ends with a nightmare

Row over lottery win ends in court



The night before a Euromillions draw in January 2012, York restaurant waiter Fatih Ozcan (pictured) dreamed that he would win the lottery and that he and his employer would be celebrating. He went to work the next day, shared his dream, and persuaded his employer that they should enter together. During his shift, he went off to spend £9 on tickets, and incredibly won £1 million. Unfortunately that's where this dream turned into a nightmare, as his boss claimed that the lottery ticket was his.

A court has now ordered the men to share the payout.

The Daily Mail reported the tortured story. Ozcan claimed that he persuaded his employer to pay half the stake, so they had half shares. Meanwhile, his boss at the Kapadokya Turkish restaurant, in York, Hayati Kucukkoylu, said he had paid it all by taking the money out of the restaurant till.

Ozcan was worried about losing his money, so phoned Camelot and falsely accused his boss of stealing the ticket from him. While his boss was being questioned by police, Ozcan left without leaving a forwarding address.

The Daily Mirror reported that the court saw CCTV footage of the men completing the slips - which seemed to show them choosing the numbers together and paying half the stake each. They also read angry texts exchanged by the pair. The judge said Ozcan was 'an admitted liar' but that he had concerns abut Kucukkotlu's version of events too.

The judge ordered that each man should receive £500,000.

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Biggest UK lottery winners

Biggest UK lottery winners

Lottery rows

It's not the first time that a shared ticket has ended in a row.

In March last year we reported on the group of DVLA workers in Swansea whose syndicate won £1 million. The 16 members of the syndicate apparently fell out over three members who had not paid their subscription that week.

In the February a row broke out at a hair salon in Indiana. One of the stylists had bought the syndicate's lottery ticket, and at the same time she had picked up one of her own. The issue was that she claimed it was her personal ticket that won - and she refused to share the money. The syndicate members had the jackpot frozen until the row was settled.

In 2009 a New Jersey builder made the same claim after one of the two tickets he bought netted $24 million. After three years of arguing, a court ruled that he had to share the money.

But one of the oddest examples was a supermarket worker from Nottinghamshire, who decided not to tell the 71 other members of the syndicate about the fact they had won - so she could keep the £4,550.60 win for herself. Her cunning plan was derailed when she made the rookie mistake of accidentally telling a colleague about the win. She was given a 12 week suspended prison sentence.

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