Summer jobs hard to find

Only one fifth found it easy to find work


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Students are sorting through discarded dirty clothes, dressing up as seafood and stuffing Christmas crackers to earn cash in their holidays, according to a survey.

Others report working long hours for low pay in shops and delivering leaflets.

The poll, commissioned by The Student Room website, found that the vast majority (86.4%) of students are planning to work this summer.

Almost a fifth (19.2%) said they had found it easy to find work, with the rest saying they had found it difficult, or had not yet secured a job.

Nearly half (45.7%) said they would be working in the retail industry, more than a fifth (22.6%) said they would be working in hospitality, such as bars and restaurants, 15.1% said office work, 10.6% said they would be doing internships and the others had secured other types of work.

Eight in ten (79.1%) told the small-scale survey that they thought there are very few summer jobs available.

And more than a fifth of students (22.5%) believe that their working conditions are worse than those of their full-time colleagues, while over one in four (26.9%) do not think that their summer job will be good experience for their future career.

The poll also asked students to reveal their worst summer job.

One, who said that he had worked as a clothing grader, said: "I had to sort through filthy charity clothes with unclean, used underwear. I was stood up and bent over a table for 10 hours."

Another, who worked as a seafood salesman said: "I had to walk around dressed as a prawn with a big tray of crab sticks, prawns and cockles."

A third, who had worked as a chip shop worker, said: "I was paid £2 an hour and the rest in fish suppers", while a student who had worked delivering leaflets said: "I only got paid £20 a month and worked for a least five hours a day."

:: The online poll questioned 529 students between July 4-9.

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