Freebie Friday Your guide to the week's best freebies

Freebies from Halfords, Richer Sounds, Drinki, Parcel2Go and Clinique


Freebie Friday Your guide to the week's best freebies

A recent survey for DoubleTree by Hilton asked people about the little things in life that made them happy. Finding a forgotten fiver in your pocket was top of the list - followed by the sun shining, getting to the till and discovering the item you picked up has been reduced, and getting into a bed made with fresh sheets. And at number five was the sheer joy of getting something for free.

This week we have five ways of bringing a little bit of happiness into your life.

Free Headphones
If you're not a member of the Richer Sounds VIP club yet, its worth joining, because they run occasional freebies and discounts for members only. At the moment they are giving away JVC headphones. The users of have posted a screenshot of the voucher that will get you the deal, which is available until the end of the day tomorrow.

Free drinks for women
It's not the most egalitarian deal, but there's a new app out called Drinki, which is designed for women to use to get free cocktails in bars all over London. The only limit is that you can only have one free drink in each bar every day - and there are only 20 bars signed up at the moment.

Free cycling goody bag
The O2 Priority Moments app has a nice offer on for the next week, giving you a free cycling goody bag at Halfords. It includes a water bottle, puncture repair kit, and energy drink, which could all come in handy. The deal is only available to those with an O2 contract or pay-as-you-go SIM. However, if you're with another network, the steady stream of freebies makes it worth considering a free pay-as-you-go SIM just for the app.

Free £10 parcel delivery is running a freebie with Parcel2Go until 22nd July. It's a parcel delivery company which doesn't actually run its own deliveries - it buys them in bulk from other companies and sells them on. When you book delivery you can choose from a list of well-known delivery firms, and you should get the same service as you would by going direct. New users enter the code OFFERFREE and get £10 off deliveries: there's no minimum spend, so if delivery is under £10 then you'll get it for free.

Free Clinique
The August edition of Glamour magazine comes with one of four Clinique freebies: two lip balms, a mascara and a moisturiser. They are mini products, so there's no directly comparable price, but each one is worth roughly between £5 and £8, so are a decent freebie. The magazine itself costs £2, so you could buy it and throw it away and still be getting a deal.

Save money on shopping

Save money on shopping