British drivers forget where they parked their cars

14% of Brits forget where they left their car


14% of British drivers forget where they parked

Britain is a nation of dozy parkers with many drivers forgetting where they have left their car, according to a survey.

As many as 14% have been forgetful over the last two years as to the exact location of their vehicle, the poll by Direct Line DrivePlus showed.

Women appear to be more absent-minded than men, with 16% being forgetful in the last two years compared with 12% of male drivers.

But the survey, of 2,003 adults, showed that women took an average of 27 minutes to track down their lost car, compared with an long as 50 minutes on average for men.

Men might be bad at asking for directions when lost while actually in the car, but are far more likely (25%) to ask for help in getting to a missing vehicle than women (only 7%).

Men are most likely to have lost their car in a city centre car park or having parked in city centre
streets, while women are more prone to forget where they parked at a supermarket car park.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of those who forgot where they left their vehicle have had to pay extra parking charges - costing more than £432,000 a year.

A total of 8% got landed with a parking fine, with the fines totalling around £11.28 million in the last two years

All told, British drivers have spent 78,000 days looking for their vehicles over the last two years.

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