Are these Britain's naughtiest pets?

Competition finds trail of destruction left by pets


The winner

A competition to find the naughtiest pets in Britain has uncovered a host of badly behaved animals. The winner was Yodie (a German Shepherd and Keeshond cross). His owner, Laura Vitty, said he was a rescue dog, originally from Romania, saved by a British charity. She submitted a photo of Yodie after he destroyed his dog bed and scattered the foam around the house. It was apparently the innocent look on the dog's face which helped it take the title.

And this is far from the only crazy damage caused by a pet with a destructive side.
> Vitty said: "The 'incident' in the photograph occurred when he was very bored as he had to stay indoors for three weeks on vets orders. Although he has chewed and destroyed his dog bed and one or two other items, he is a lovely dog and I couldn't be without him.", which ran the competition on its Facebook page, also congratulated the other finalists, who submitted a range of photos of shocking damage caused by their animals.

Rats with a taste for wallpaper

There were Merlon and Avalon from Coventry, two rodents who like to eat wallpaper.

Naughty dogs

Then there were the dogs who stripped the leather off the sofa cushions and redistributed the stuffing in order to sleep more peacefully on the furniture.

naughty dog

Dolly's owner submitted a picture of her after she took to snacking on the doormat


And Poppy from West Yorkshire seems to be another dog with a taste for her own bed.

Has your pet ever caused serious damage to your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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