Luxury Christmas on a budget with new range from Aldi

Christmas on a budget has never been more luxurious


Christmas on a budget has never been more luxurious

Consumers contemplating Christmas on a tight budget can look forward to caviar, whole crab and king prawns this festive season with discounter Aldi's announcement that it has taken inspiration from "the menus of Michelin-starred restaurants".

It follows a report in May that found the UK's increasingly-popular budget supermarkets are "falling over themselves" to cater for middle-class tastes.

Aldi customers will find king scallops in garlic butter, a hidden-centre Christmas pudding,and the choice of smoked salmon flavoured with whiskey and honey, champagne and orange, or gin and tonic.

A "new and improved" five-bird roast will contain turkey, goose, duck, pheasant and chicken, all wrapped in bacon.

The German chain said its UK buying team had taken inspiration from the finest restaurants to offer "a luxury Christmas that every family will be able to afford".

Aldi has not revealed prices for the products, but last year its £1.69 Christmas mince pies trumped brands almost eight times more expensive in an annual taste test by consumer group Which?.

Aldi managing director of corporate buying Tony Baines said: "For many, Christmas is a time of celebration and extravagance - and what says that better than caviar?

"At Aldi we pride ourselves on being able to offer customers the chance to experience fine-quality premium products but without the hefty price tag and so we've created our Christmas range with this in mind."

In May, Good Housekeeping magazine said discounters such as Aldi and Lidl were no longer just for the "cheap basics", with both stocking products from South American filter coffee to flour for the breadmaker.

A survey for the magazine found 53% of shoppers had switched to cheaper stores or divided the shop between a supermarket and budget store since the recession.

The poll found more than 40% shop regularly at Aldi and Lidl, 30% visit Iceland once a fortnight, and 56% visit a £1 or 99p store at least once a month.

Just 2% said they would be too embarrassed to shop in discount stores.

Aldi's Christmas range will start to appear in stores from mid-October.

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