Could you snap up George Harrison's former home for just £75,000?

Council house formally valued at £75,000: what will it fetch?


George Harrison's Former Home

Celebrity homes normally come with a multi-million pound price tag, but not this one. George Harrison's childhood home, 25 Upton Green in Speke, will be auctioned off this summer, with an estimated value of just £75,000. The three-bedroom former council house was used by the band for rehearsals when they first got together, and the owner is hoping the celebrity connection will get her a bigger price

So what do you get for your money?

Homes Bought Fast, which is selling the property, says it has been verified by experts, who confirmed that George Harrison moved to the house in 1950 at the age of six, and was still living there when he met Paul McCartney while waiting for the school bus. The family stayed in the council estate property until 1962, just after the band released their first single, Love Me Do, and the home became a magnet for over-excited fans.

The Daily Express reported that several tenants passed through, until the couple living there in 1983 decided to buy it from the council. They passed it to their daughter after they died, and she is putting it up for sale.

The property is fairly modest. It's a three-bedroom terraced house, which stands out from its neighbours because of the pebble-dashing and the porch added to the front (and the absence of England flags which adorn the houses next door).

It has been modernised, and there's a new kitchen and laminate flooring downstairs. However, the bedrooms in particular could do with updating - unless you're a fan of striped wallpaper, 1980s wardrobes or patterned carpets.

According to the Daily Mail, the £75,000 formal valuation is marginally higher than the typical £60,000 value of a property on the estate, but the auctioneers said they will not reveal their guide price until closer to the auction date later this summer.

However, they are hoping for a big price premium because of the celebrity connection - especially given that John Lennon's modest childhood home was estimated to be worth £150,000 but sold for £480,000 at auction.

The agency listing of the property is clear that this is the real draw of the house, saying: "It is not only a great property in its own right, but also a piece of ultimate Beatles world-famous memorabilia." The listing also includes a photo of Harrison outside the property - with a guitar.

But what do you think? How much would it be worth to you?

Take a look inside the house below

George Harrison's childhood home

George Harrison's childhood home

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