Are you forgetting something?

Today is National I Forgot Day - is your forgetfulness costing you?


Today is National I Forgot Day - is your forgetfulness costing you?

Today is National I forgot day (yes, that is a thing), a whole day dedicated to forgetfulness.

On July 2nd every year, people get the chance to make up for forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones throughout the year.

Forgetful folk are also advised to take this opportunity to do some prep on the important dates they are likely to forget in the future.

We all know planning ahead can save money and time but it appears that we are a rather forgetful nation with 6% of us even forgetting to feed our pets!

Busy lives, multiple calendars and general forgetfulness can contribute to us all forgetting things sometimes. Standard Life has rounded up the top twelve tasks UK adults forget to do.

Top twelve things UK adults forget to do – UK Average
1Phone/text/email people back34%
2Log out of internet accounts21%
3=Pay bills on time15%
3=Attend appointments (e.g. doctor, dentist, vet)15%
5=Take your wallet/purse with you when leaving the house14%
5=Lock the house14%
7Book the car in for its MOT12%
8Collect documents from the office printer (e.g. voucher codes, travel tickets etc)7%
9Renew car road tax6%
10Feed the pet6%
11Pay friends or family back money that is owed5%
12Book a restaurant4%

So what's a forgetful person to do?

Standard Life's Julie Hutchison recommends setting up alerts on your phone or using a planning app to make sure you remember important dates.

" Life is so busy, as we juggle and try to fit more in. We can all forget to do things occasionally and I really kicked myself when I forgot to pay a credit card bill due when I was on holiday. Setting up alerts on your phone or using a planning app could help make sure you don't forget. But putting time aside to plan ahead and really look at what is coming up is likely to help too. That way you won't forget important dates for your friends, family and finances", she said.

A shocking 12% of us forget to pay bills on time, causing additional charges to add up and a surprising 14% of us forget to lock the house leaving us at an even higher risk of burglary.

Is your forgetfulness costing you?

If your forgetful nature is causing you to waste money then use today as an opportunity to organise any upcoming bills, appointments, events and important milestones into a schedule to avoid the costs involved with forgetting.

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