Were you a July 2014 Premium Bonds winner?

Find out if you hit the jackpot in this month's draw


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Did you win big in this month's Premium Bonds draw?

A player in Essex won £1,000,000. The winning bond was bought in May 2012. The owner had total holdings of £29,575.
Take a look at the rest of the big prize winning numbers from this month's draw to see if you were a winner.

Prize ValueWinning Bond No.Total value of holdingAreaValue of bondDate of purchase
£100,000103HX957290£16,605South West Wales£100Nov-05
£50,000173VA587291£30,000South Yorkshire£5,000Oct-10
£50,000139VE627388£20,701South Scotland£2,000Jun-08
£50,000209KF382468£30,000Northern Ireland£5,000Jul-13
£50,000102NB492091£28,725Greater Manchester£2,100Nov-05
£25,000183FB486874£4,000West Sussex£4,000Aug-11
£25,000110AH257056£25,000West Sussex£5,000May-06
£25,000154YJ161805£30,000East Riding of Yorkshire£5,000Apr-09
£25,000196RX649216£1,525Greater Manchester£1,400Sep-12
£25,000210EH235216£30,000Hampshire and Isle of Wight£30,000Aug-13
£25,000144EG013739£10,000Hampshire and Isle of Wight£5,000Sep-08

Information supplied by National Savings & Investments

There is no time limit for claiming prizes, and Premium Bonds holders can reduce the chances of their prizes becoming unclaimed by managing their Premium Bonds online or opting to have any prizes paid directly into their bank accounts by BACS, with notification by email. To sign up, holders should visit: http://www.nsandi.com/register

Customers can check the Premium Bonds prize checker on the NS&I website to see if they have won. You can also download the free official prize checker app from NS&I.

Alternatively, you can check in here every month to see if you were a winner.

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