Coleen 'sick' over luggage theft


Wayne Rooney's wife Coleen has said she felt

Wayne Rooney's wife Coleen has said she felt "sick" after her bags were ransacked en route to her holiday.

The Wag and fashion designer, 28, embarked on a Twitter rant today after her bags arrived two days late to where she was staying in Las Vegas.

She said shoes, clothing, toiletries and make-up had been taken from the four bags after she flew with British Airways from Heathrow to the Nevada gambling paradise.

In a series of tweets she wrote: "Feel sick..... just received my 4 cases 2 days late from BA Heathrow to Las Vegas. Opened them all and they have been completely ransacked.

"Bags, shoes, bikinis, clothes, toiletries, underwear, pj's, make up, toiletries taken. Disgusting & the customer service getting is terrible."

After apparently receiving critical comments she added: "And you can stick all the sarcastic comments about money.

"It's not all about money it's about people going through my personal stuff and Taking stuff that I need for my holiday. They have even took my toothbrush!! WhyjQuery191037952717603184283_1404203262083"

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