Vendorbombs: when the seller creeps into the estate agent photos


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Estate agents are supposed to be expert photographers, practiced in the art of capturing the very best of your home. Unfortunately some tend to be amateur photographers in a hurry - with some shocking results. A trawl through some of the worst shots reveals a shocking number of so-called Vendorbombs - where the house seller inexplicably shows up in the photographs.

We reveal five of our favourites.

> The Vendorbombs were highlighted on the Home Truths wall of shame, put together by Samantha Ashdown, who specialises in selling properties. Her blog shows off some of the real horrors being passed off as professional photographs, and has identified a worrying trend of vendorbombing.

She reveals the lovely garden, where the vendor couldn't resist a little look at what was going on.

vendorbombing in the garden

Then there was the picture which features the house seller doing some DIY. Let's hope it wasn't last-minute attempts to cover up the flaws in the spare room.

Home Truths

Here's another where the seller has arrived home unexpectedly and the agent couldn't wait to take the photo - either that or they've managed to capture a burglar in action.

Home Truths

And then the seller who may have thought no-one knew he was a smoker.

Home Truths

Ashworth points out that photographs are absolutely key in securing a viewing. There are some things that will turn buyers off when they spot them in photographs. This doesn't just mean trying to keep the vendor out of the picture. It also includes pets - or even evidence there is a pet living in the house, clothes drying around the house, any room that's a mess, and accidental selfies of the estate agent in a window or mirror.

She adds that sometimes what you leave out is as important as what you include - so a buyer will worry if you don't have a photo of the outside of the property - or of the kitchen. She adds: "It is amazing how many buyers lack imagination – so do their job for them and ensure your pictures are bright, airy and crisp and show the buyer the very room they could be relaxing in."