Burglar tries to rob pub and loses swag to two more criminals

The hapless criminal hall of shame


Burglar looking through window

A burglar was in the middle of a raid on a pub when two opportunist thieves ran off with his haul. David Greaves, 43, had picked up two tills and a plasma TV from The Railway pub in Accrington. But when he went back for more, two passing thieves made off with his loot.

He enters the hapless thief hall of shame - but who is there to keep him company?

The Accrington Observer reported that Greaves left the items in a car park and came back with three more plasma TVs in bags. CCTV footage shown to the court revealed his look of shock and dismay when he saw that the tills and the other TV had gone missing.

Meanwhile, the landlord had heard a disturbance and went into the back alley, where he saw Greaves walking away swigging from a bottle of liqueur. His lawyer said he was an intelligent man battling alcoholism.

The Daily Telegraph reported that he pleaded guilty and was given a suspended prison sentence.

Hall of shame

However, he's not the only hapless criminal to have hit the news recently.

Last week Nigel Ball, a 52-year-old from Wakefield, was found guilty of stealing a fish tank from a pet shop. He was caught after going back to the store to buy fish to put in it, and when staff asked him what sort of tank he had, he pointed to the type he had just stolen. He had to complete a form with his contact details in order to take the fish, so police tracked him down to his home where they found the stolen tank.

Last month it was the turn of Derek Hardman, a 31-year-old from Dean near Bolton, who broke into a retirement flat and stole £10,000 of jewellery while the occupants were watching TV in the next room. He was caught after falling asleep on a sofa in the bedroom, and only woke up when he was poked by neighbours who had come to help catch him.

A month earlier we reported the news that a 30-year-old burglar had been startled by a 94-year-old woman. She had been asleep in her chair when he broke in during the night, and when she woke up and challenged him he fled empty-handed.

But perhaps the oddest case was in April when one man in Florida failed in his attempt to rob his own house. He didn't fancy going to work, so decided to stage a burglary at his home and called police. Unfortunately for him, his plans went awry when neighbours said they had seen him open his own window and front door just before calling the police.