Cole's tattoo 'cost thousands'


The Graham Norton Show - London

Cheryl Cole has revealed the tattoo of a bunch of roses on her buttocks cost her as much as the price of a car.

The singer, who has just begun filming for The X Factor this week as she returns to the ITV show, said her bumper bottom art cost "in the thousands".

In an interview with BBC1 chat host Graham Norton, she also said she is settling back into her role on the talent show but admitted there were some testing moments with fellow panellist Louis Walsh.

The pair have famously feuded in the past and in tonight's Graham Norton Show, she says: "It's a little bit frosty."

Asked by Norton whether things are "off" between them, she responds: "They were never on."

Cole has been away from X Factor since 2010 and fell out with show boss Simon Cowell after he dumped her from the US version of the show, but they have now patched things up.

She said: "There was a lot of grovelling to get me back once Simon was on board."

And Cole added: "It feels like I've never been away".

The former Girls Aloud singer told how her tattoo, which covers both buttocks and her lower back was a reaction to contracting malaria, which had made her compile a list of things she wanted to do.

"Life's too short and the tattoo was on the list," she said.

Cole said of the cost: "It was in the thousands, probably the cost of a small car. He's an exceptional artist and he was worth it."

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