Glasto gets £600,000 'super loos'



Glastonbury Festival goers will enjoy a stink-free bathroom experience this year - thanks to new £600,000 "super loos".

Organisers are planning to phase out the dreaded portable toilets, with almost 5,000 long-drop and composting toilets at the site instead.

There are now 31 locations, each costing £20,000, of the deeper and wider long-drop loos, with the capacity of 28 gully suckers.

Festival organiser Michael Eavis admits he is excited about the new toilets, which will not require emptying during the festival.

"We're always improving stuff but the great thing for me, funnily enough, is the loos," the 78-year-old dairy farmer said.

"We have 31 units now, they cost £20,000 each, which is a lot of money but they don't have to be touched during the whole week of the festival.

"There's no smell, a huge capacity - it's a fantastic achievement. It's fundamentally a huge improvement."

The long-drops, which account for 2,088 of the site's toilets this year, will also take waste from showers and washing up.

Waste from the long-drops will be emptied and disposed of after the festival, though it is hoped compost from the composting toilets will fertilise Worthy Farm for two years.

The festival has also unveiled a host of measures to placate the reluctant camper, from mobile phone charge points to cash-free options at food stalls.

EE, the technology partner of Glastonbury, will deploy a 4G network from five mobile base stations on site.

Festival Power Bars, which are portable mini chargers providing five hours of call time, can be recharged for free at the festival.

Contactless payment will also be launched on site, with over 100 card readers in 25 main bars and Cash on Tap facilities, allowing fans to make purchases of up to £20 using their mobile.

Spencer McHugh, brand director at EE said: "By providing superfast 4G at the festival alongside the trial of our new mobile charging solution, the EE Festival Power Bar, we will make sure all those at the UK's best-loved festival can stay connected and share content quicker and easier than ever before.

"The Festival Power Bar - which allows users to swap it on site for a fully charged one once it runs out of juice - has been hugely popular and we've already sold out for this year.

"EE is also working with Glastonbury Festival to launch widespread contactless payment on site, with over 100 card readers across around 25 of the main bars, as well as Cash on Tap facilities for EE customers with compatible phones, allowing them to pay using their mobile phones.

"This queue-busting technology helps festival-goers get the most out of every magic moment at Glastonbury."

The official Glastonbury 2014 app, showing news, set times and live streams of BBC coverage, is available to download now.